Do You Feel Your Neighborhood is Represented?

Denver Abstract

The city of Denver is comprised of a diverse collection of neighborhoods, each possessing unique needs, but tied together by our common government. Many people are surprised to learn that our neighborhoods’ names and boundaries were not officially designated until Denver, on the forefront of a neighborhood representation movement, passed the Registered Neighborhood Organization Ordinance in 1979. Besides being a great way to connect to the people living around you, RNO’s were an innovation intended to give more local control and input. Examples of issues that may impact your neighborhood: bike lanes, park use or abuse, crime, powerlines, noise issues, trash, new construction, sidewalks, traffic, homelessness, charter schools, taxes, property values, marijuana, transit options, or parking. Continue reading

Carroll: Don’t deflate the Airbnb model

By Vincent Carroll
The Denver Post
Posted: 01/24/2015 05:00:00 PM MST

Hundreds and possibly thousands of people in Denver and Boulder are illegally renting out rooms in their homes — or their entire residence — in short-term agreements through online services such as Airbnb. And now, both of these cities are poised to decide what to do about it.

Opinions range all the way from enforcing existing bans against short-term rentals in residential areas (which are rentals of fewer than 30 days) to throwing open the doors and letting them prosper without limit, with a range of options in between. Continue reading


Denver INC’s Transportation Committee Co-Chair Makes News

Congratulation to Geneva Hooten, Co-Chair of Denver INC’s Transportation Committee for helping to spread the word about the value of walking. Walkability affects more than urban planners. According to NBC Nightly News, a twenty minute walk each day increases your chances for a longer, healthier life. Advocating for smart public policies that support pedestrian activity and safety are just one of many ways Denver leaders can pave the way to more healthy “modes” of travel throughout the city. At a recent meeting, the committee also heard a presentation from Walk Denver about ways to advocate for better walkways throughout the city.

HUNI, Highlands United Neighborhood Inc

Neighborhood Survey 2014

tejonHUNI, the Highland Neighborhood RNO, created their first neighborhood-wide survey. They reached 7% of the neighborhood. Here are the results: an executive summary as well as the detailed results. The executive summary outlines the priorities that our residents and businesses have identified as things to work on. The detailed results, especially the specific open comments, outline very specific items, including specific intersections with parking and traffic problems, symptoms of the issues surrounding zoning and development and lots more!

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